Points:  If you have a Virginia license and take the class voluntarily, you will get up to 5+ points after successfully completing the class.  If you have gone to Traffic Court and the judge will either dismiss or lower the violation with which you were charged, upon completion of the 8-hour Driving Improvement Class, you will not get + points by taking the class, unless you bring with you a Court order indicating that you are to get + points (DMV mandate effective June 1st 2007).  Those sent by the City of Alexandria District Court (by Court order) can not even be reported to DMV of class completion.

Virginia DMV gives you 1 point for every year that you have no convictions and/or at-fault accidents.  The most you can accumulate on the plus side is 5+ points.

If you have a District of Columbia license, DC DMV will take a Virginia violation and the points that attach to that violation, from your record, upon successful completion of the Defensive Driving class.  You can delete one violation per year.

If you have a Maryland license, you will not get any points, but if your violation was committed in Virginia, you might  be able to get the violation dismissed.  You must come to my class for details.

The points are given by DMV, not the Court.  Virginia has 3, 4, and 6 point violations and they remain on your record for 2 years, after which time the points drop off, but you do not get them back.  The conviction itself, will stay on your record  for 3, 5, or 11 years, depending on the violation.

Insurance companies look at the violations on your record, not the points, and they generally look  to see what you have, going back anywhere from 35 months to 5 years, depending on their filing with the State Corporation Commission, Bureau of Insurance in Richmond, Virginia.

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